Golden Pacific Capital, LLC has been established to provide unique real estate investment opportunities to accredited individual and institutional investors. Our focus is on niche market opportunities that are too small for larger institutional capital but too large for most individuals. Through our extensive experience, we provide opportunities not available through publicly-traded vehicles to generate highly attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Our diversified experience allows us to source and execute on a number of income-producing real estate asset investments. The company focuses on real assets as enablers of returns that are less sensitive to the volatility of economic cycles found in the equity and bond markets. With their carefully designed size and structure, GPC’s funds are able to benefit from niche markets that are too small and specialized for larger entities yet too capital- and time-intensive for most private investors to enter individually. By identifying opportunities with significant discount potential and/or value add opportunities rather than a more speculative capital appreciation-based model, GPC is able to offer its investors unique opportunities with moderate risks and highly attractive returns.